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Email: ketan.joshi85@gmail.com

I did a science degree at Sydney University, and since I was a teenager I’ve loved science, technology, philosophy and psychology. I worked in the renewable energy industry for about eight years, doing operational monitoring, data analysis, community engagement and corporate communications. I’ve also worked in data science and innovation communications at Australia’s national science agency.

At the moment, I live in Oslo, Norway. I write regularly for RenewEconomy and the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility. My book, Windfall, is set to launch Sep 1 2020, and you can read more here.

My passion is communicating complex, technical concepts in highly accessible ways; seeking to entertain and educate, rather than patronise or over-simplify. I also think the political, social and cultural context of technology and science should be front and centre – own it, don’t avoid it.



My LinkedIn page is here.

I write at Medium, The Monthly, The Guardian, Gizmodo, Business Spectator, Eco-Generation MagazineThe Wheeler Centre, New Matilda, Crikey, Eureka Street, SBS, InDaily, The Huffington Post and Renew Economy. I’ve also done radio and writing for the ABC , here, here, here, here and here.

I did a daily ‘Chart of the Day’ thing, here, showcasing data visualisations, interactive graphics and interesting insights I find around the place.

A few limited academic publications and conference presentations are at Academia. You can find my other content at Storify, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr, (where the images on this site are from) and Youtube. I tweet a lot.

My partner and I ran a semi-regular talks night in Surry Hills, called The Yeah Sessions. We featured talks about science, technology, art, history, politics….whatever we felt like, really. You can watch back old talks at that link. When we have time, we’ll get back to it 🙂