On September 1, my new book, ‘Windfall: Unlocking a Fossil Free Future’, published with NewSouth Publishing (an arm of the University of New South Wales, in Australia), will be launched.

It’s a culmination of a decade of work, analysis, writing and tweets about Australia’s energy and climate opportunities and disasters. I tease apart everything that’s gone wrong and from that mess I try to point at what  can go right. I think climate action can be something that cures the many wounds of what is shaping up to be an incredibly tough year, and an even harder decade. There is a wealth of evidence pointing to that. We’re just sitting out COVID19 in isolation. Climate is a problem we know how to fix. We already have a vaccine, for this. We just need to fight for it.

I take you through the simulated terrors of ‘wind turbine syndrome’, the grassy fields of Germany’s community owned wind turbines, the greasy halls of political corruption and streets being pounded by millions of young activists. I walk you through how the past ten years ties perfectly into the malfeasance and trickery happening underneath the cover of COVID19. It is Australia’s unique chapter within the biggest story in the history of humanity. We’re right in the depths of it, and I want to show you around.

You can listen to me reading an excerpt from the book here, or watch a very short clip of me talking about the book here.



Where can I buy it?





Avid Reader

Collins Booksellers

UNSW Bookshop

Europe / America


ARK Bokhandel (Norway)

Interviews and extracts

The Guardian has published an extract here

I spoke with the good people at PV Magazine, here

I spoke with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s widely watched panel show The Drum about the book, here – starting at about 35:00 into the show. 


Review, reactions and critique

Here’s the Goodreads page (they’ve found some other Ketan Joshi and marked him as the author).

“Renewable energy expert Joshi makes commentary on what has gone wrong in Australia with a decade of distraction and inaction on the urgent issue of climate change. He offers a future plan where Australia outgrows its reliance on fossil fuels and creates a path that is away from self-destruction and towards sustainability. Concise, eloquent and from the heart, this is an exciting book that leads us towards a clean hope for Australia’s future” – Dean, from Better Read than Dead’s 2020 Father’s Day reading guide

If you have a subscription to Books and Publishing, you can read a review here.

What about events?

I’m so chuffed to be involved in the Melbourne Writers Festival this year, which is 100% digital. You can read an interview I did with Sonia Nair from MWF here.

Past events

Sat Aug 8 4:00 PM (AEST) – in conversation with Judith Brett – The Coal Curse
‘A matter of fact’

Sat Aug 15 2:00 PM – With Dr Rebecca Huntley – How to Talk About Climate Change, Victor Steffensen, Adam Morton – Australia’s response to climate change

Thu Sep 3 6:30 PM – In conversation with the brilliant young activist Daisy Jeffrey at Sydney’s famous Better Read Than Dead independent bookstore (‘at’ = on video, of course). Tickets here.

Coming up

Tue Sep 15 6:30 PMI’m going to be chatting with the very excellent Avid Reader Bookshop, in a live conversation. Buy tickets here